Product range and production background

To ensure quality, all our products are certified organic. Our product's essential ingredients, organic argan oil, organic cactus core oil, cactus leaf, etc., are manufactured in our factory in Morocco.

We source our Ghassoul from our trusted long-term partners in Morocco. Ghassoul enjoys great popularity in the field of cosmetics. Processing the raw material requires professional know-how. Since Ghassoul can only be sterilized in specially equipped laboratories, we decided to undertake this procedure in Germany under controlled conditions to ensure our quality remains consistent.

Our cosmetic products are manufactured by our parent company Arganine-Argan-Öl e.K. in Germany under strict conditions and in compliance with European cosmetic regulations.

Upon request, we would be happy to manufacture our products for you under your label.

Our corporate philosophy is based on fairness and honesty towards our business partners as well as professional confidentiality.

Your business interests are in good hands with us.