Hair and body cleaning - Peeling and mask - ghassoul-argani

Ghassoul - Argani

Hair and body cleaning - Peeling and mask

Ghassoul (Rhassoul as it is pronounced in Moroccan Languages) is mineral clay that has been often used in North Africa t to cure disease or relieve pain. Ghassoul is a pure natural product and absolutely ecological. It is free from synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives. Ghassoul-Argani is a pure natural mineral product.

Application: For skin care stir with a little lukewarm water for a short time to get a soft and thin slurry. Then spread it on the skin and rub in gently and rinse it thoroughly with plenty of water. For the head wash, the prepared mixture is to be spread in the hair, rubbed for a while and rinsed off.

Tip: Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of cosmetic Argan oil with Ghassoul

Please note: Avoid Ghassoul contact with metallic objects

Ingrediens: Hectorite

Clay from Morocco

e 750 g