Bio Jojoba Öl

Jojoba-Argani - Organic Jojoba Oil

Facial, Body and Massage oil Even in ancient times, the Indians of the Sonoran Desert used the Jojoba nuts because of their oil content. The name Jojoba derives from "Jojowi", a word in Papago Indians language. In 1933 American rresearchers, from Arizona University, discovered the unusual characteristics of jojoba oil.

Our organic jojoba oil comes from the originally pressing and has the purest quality. It is yellow oil with a specific odor. As a liquid wax, it is rapidly absorbed through the skin and does not leave greasy film after each usage. It is an excellent and very versatile base oil. For nourishing and protective cosmetics, massage and skin essential oils, sun protection products, shampoos and hair care products.  Cosmetics industry values jojoba oil because of its regenerating and anti-irritating characteristics.

Applications: Face, body and hair care

INGREDIENTS: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil *(Jojoba Oil*)

* Certified organic agriculture