I dedicate the company Arganine GmbH to my wife Ingeburg Zabel-Boujia and to my sisters, Seina, Mbarja and Rabia, who supported me during our mother's final illness. Furthermore, I dedicate Arganine GmBH to the Amazigh-women, my mother peers, who actively participated in developing Morocco. Arganine GmbH is dedicated to all the children of Morocco, who against all odds manage to build up their careers in spite of the hardships. Moreover, I dedicate my company to all the people who risk their lives by illegally crossing the European borders in hopes of ending their despair and hopelessness to build a better future for themselves and their children. I wish all of those who have survived this journey a good start. However, despite all, we must not give up on our homelands. They might be poor, but they will never lose their beauty.

Last but not least, I dedicate Arganine GmbH to my loyal customers abroad. Without their help, I would not be where I am today.