We are a company that produced argan oil roasted and not roasted and the oil from prickly seed pear oil. Our production unit is located in Morocco in the Tiznit region. Our production capacity is 40 tons / year of organic argan oil and 200 liters of organic prickly seed pear oil. From organic Argan oil, organic cactus seed oil, Ghassoul (atlas lava clay) and organic cactus powder we have manufactured in Germany high quality of wellness product. 

We provide our partners with high quality organic products. To be closer to our European customers, our customer service and sales are located in Germany which is the hub of all our activities on the soil of European Union.

Our trade policy is based on long-term relationships and good communication in order to spread the requirement of market and customer.

"Argan oil is not only a precious oil, it's part of the heritage of the Berber culture in Morocco"